Course on the Journey towards achieving Financial Independence

I believe each and every one of us want, should and have a right to achieve financial independence in our lives. To cater to this growing need for people’s financial freedom, I have designed a Course for those people who want to achieve financial independence. For achieving financial freedom expert knowledge on equities, bonds, commodities, real estate, currencies etc is not required. For achieving financial independence lot of hard work and becoming a “slave of money” is not warranted for. For achieving financial freedom, the understanding about money, its unique peculiarities and its functioning is required. The only thing which is available in abundant in this world is money but we see people suffering and fighting for the only thing which is available in abundant. Confused? Take the childhood example of you playing cricket or football. Now, when your ball lost – you must be worried from where will you get the money to buy the ball. However, kindly note that, ball is made up of rubber and leather, both of which, one a synthetic material while the other a natural material are available in limited quantity but the money from which we buy them is available in abundance – it is available at the free will of the Governments as they just keep printing currency as fast as their printing machines can work. Remember what is the use if we had all the paper money in the world but not the real material to manufacture it. Do you get it what point I want to drive home?

What do you think – is money a problem or solution? If you don’t have the answer to it then read on. If you believe that “money is the problem” or “money is the solution” then I am afraid that you are a “prisoner of money”. Have you ever imagined of setting yourself on the incredible journey of your freedom from your current position as a “prisoner of money” to the attainment of “financial independence”. If not, then you urgently need to. Before that, I would like to clear one misconception which might have taken roots deep inside your mind – that money will solve your problems. I regret to state that money cannot and will never be able to solve your problems. It is not money which is a problem – it is lack of knowledge about money and its functioning which is your real problem. If you are poor and think that getting too much money suddenly like winning a lottery is going to solve your problem – then you are grossly mistaken. Infact that will put you into deeper problem if you don’t have knowledge about money. You will be chased by all kind of legal and other financial predators, without the knowledge about protecting, budgeting, asset allocation, saving vis-à-vis investing, positive leverage, spending your way to riches and financial insurance it is very high likelihood that you may not only lose all the wealth but even end up in debt – broken mentally, financially and emotionally. Therefore, both lack of and too much money can be a problem if not backed by knowledge about money. You require a course which will teach you on how to earn money from the most efficient source and then how to “handle the problem of too much money” - protecting, budgeting, saving, spending, leveraging, investing and insuring, explaining the different money mistakes which you might be susceptible to make and clearing all your doubts and misconceptions about money and wealth. In short everybody requires a course on Financial Wisdom which will solve all their misconceptions about money and not only make them rich but help them stay wealthy throughout by achieving financial independence.

Just think and ponder, are you just working for money or is your money working for you? Do you reel under the pressure of scarce money or have the problem of excess money? Do you know the rules of money?

You have to realize that money is neither the problem nor the solution - the only problem is lack of knowledge about money and therefore you have to be equipped with the full knowledge and functioning about money. Are you interested in getting acquainted with –

Ø  The best source of Earning Income
Ø  How to Protect it from the Financial Predators
Ø  How to pay yourself first via Budget Surplus
Ø  Acknowledging that Saving is not investing and learning to save pending Asset Allocation
Ø  Learning how to Spend to earn and save at the time of spending
Ø  Recognizing the difference between good and bad debt and to know how to unleash the power of Positive Leverage.
Ø  Know how to Invest for proper asset allocation
Ø  Recognize the importance of Financial Insurance.

Hence you enroll for the financial freedom course because you wanted to know about money as you were never knowing before. You enroll for the financial freedom course because you want to permanently solve your money problems by achieving financial independence.

Do you want to be led on the correct financial path and open a completely new gateway in the way you think about money and all other things connected to money like protecting, budgeting, saving, spending, leveraging, investing, insuring etc. Do you want a friend and guide who will solve your problem of lack of knowledge about money and then take you on the unbelievable journey towards your financial independence. Do you want to permanently free yourself from the problem of money?

You require a course which will free from the shackles of money problem - you require to learn the "10 Commandments for Financial Freedom". Anybody interested in learning the "10 Commandments for Financial Freedom" and permanently solving their money problem may contact me at the below mentioned email address.

Also, anybody interested in increasing their knowledge, understanding, acceptability, acquaintance, familiarity - in short mastering any of the topical subjects relating to money like equities, fixed income, mutual funds, personal finance, protecting, budgeting, leveraging and the likes then individual series of common sense articles have been developed for them. If this interests you then kindly contact me at the below mentioned email address.

I wish you all the very best on embarking on this new beginning of your money journey and great luck for achieving financial independence.

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