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Readers are used to receive articles on investments from me. However, if the body is not fine then the brain may also not be able to function upto its optimum level. Hence, there has to be a proper balance between the mind, body and soul for us to succeed in any field- whether investments or something else in life. Hence, I am writing this article which is totally different on a completely different segment – health and nutrition. I had lost around 30 kgs in 4 months from 97 kgs to currently 67 kgs. My Body Mass Index came within the normal range and importantly my fat content has come down from 35% to around 12%. Lot of people are asking me what have you done and how did you achieve it. Many people even requested me to write down some kind of diet for him so that he can also achieve it. Hence, this is my small note on “health and nutrition” and thought that readers might find it useful and benefit from it. I am not a “qualified nutritionist” but have wrote a note which I believe is true and out of my study, research and personal experience on it.  

I am giving below a nutritious diet plan. I call it a nutrition plan and not a diet plan because it will give you the needed calories in the right form and time and also “maximum nutrition per unit of calorie”. It will give you all the three major macro nutrients – protein, carbohydrates and fats. It will also give you most of the micro nutrients like vitamins (A, B Complex comprising of B1, B2, B3, B9 and B12, C, D, and K), calcium, minerals and iron. However, the complete supply of micro nutrients like calcium and vitamins is not guaranteed and hence if you feel deficiency in any of them than you may have to take them in tablet form or specific food items containing those. There is a lot of mis-conceptions about diet and weight loss and hence before giving the actual plan I will write few paragraphs from my reading and knowledge of thousands of pages on health, nutrition and dieting so that it first makes the reader understand what he / she is doing rather than just loosing weight.

Our digestive system is made up of liver, kidneys, intestines etc which are all in-voluntary continuous function organs without any rest like the heart or brain. They are all controlled by the “reptilian brain” (For more understanding on reptilian brain refer to my article on Triune Brain at The fat control organ in the body is the “liver”. Whether a person can become fat or thin depends on how well his / her liver is functioning. Now, to go on the nutrients then as said earlier the three macro nutrients are protein, carbohydrates and fats. Any human being can’t live without either of them. Protein is the actual human body – muscles, tissues, ligaments, tendons etc. Carbohydrates are nothing but simply the energy or fuel for the body like petrol is for a car so is carbohydrates for a human body. Fats are those things which bind the body together without which we would not be able to stand or survive or think (brain is 60% fat).

The composition of the body is primarily bones, lean muscles and fats. The objective of getting thin is to burn fats and increase lean muscle. Anybody can become thin by burning his / her lean muscles but that will be suicidal or stupidity because the body is utilizing the muscles and its strength while increasing on the bad fats and cholesterol (LDL or low density lip-protein).

The different macro food components in some detail:

Protein: This is the “amino acids.” There are totally 20 amino acids of which 8 are important and cannot be automatically manufactured by the body and hence has to come through food. They are called “indispensable amino acids (IAA).” If we eat the 8 amino acids properly then the body can manufacture the remaining 12 amino acids on its own which are called the “dispensable amino acids”. All animal foods are rich in proteins. Foods which are rich in proteins include egg white (100% first class protein), fish (very important because along with protein it has Omega 3 essential fatty acids – covered later on), chicken, meat, milk and milk products, whole grains. Any of the non-veg item like egg, chicken, fish, meat etc will give all the 8 indispensable amino acids and hence they are called “first class protein”. No veg, yes no veg item, will in itself give all the 8 IAA and hence protein deficiency in vegetarians is very common. However, if vegetarian food is taken in proper form and eaten then a vegetarian person can get all the Eight IAA. To get all the 8 IAA any 3 of the following 4 have to be had in a meal:

a) Legumes (beans, peas, lentils)
c) Seeds

Remember any 3 of the above mentioned 4 food items in every meal to get all the 8 IAA. For example, if somebody has dal (a legume) along with wheat chapatti (a grain) and almond (a nut) the person will get all the 8 IAA.

Carbohydrates: This is nothing but energy or fuel for the body. Carbohydrates (along with saturated fat) are the main cause of fatness in humans. Particularly, if the stomach of a person is out then it means that the main cause of obesity is carbohydrates. They come in two forms – simple and complex. The examples of simple carbohydrates along with what is contains are raw sugar (glucose), table sugar (sucrose), milk (lactose), beer (maltose) and fruits (fructose). All these simple carbohydrates are heavy on the digestive system because they immediately increase the “glycemic index” of the body. “Gycemic index” (GI) is the increase in the blood glucose level after consuming a food item. Simple carbohydrates have the highest glycemic index while complex carbohydrates have low glycemic index while high protein foods (eggs, chicken, fish, meat etc) have negligible or zero glycemic index. When a person eats food with a high glycemic index the blood glucose level immediately shoots up, then the glycogen level in the body goes up, the high glucose is then supplied to the brain which causes peculiar irritable feeling to the person. The liver then immediately comes into action and pumps “insulin” into the body which again brings down the blood glucose level. In type 2 diabetes persons, the liver is unable to perform this important function of pumping insulin and hence tablets / injection is required. Complex carbohydrates are foods with low glycemic index i.e. those foods which slowly supply glucose to the brain – they are wheat, oats, bajra, ragi, jowar etc. These are very healthy form of good carbohydrates. Kindly note, if a person consumes more carbohydrates then he / she requires for the normal the day-to-day activities then it gets converted to a special kind of ugly fat called as “triglycerides”. These triglycerides are very dangerous fat as they move all over the body and are the primary reason for causing heart attacks, strokes, diabetes etc. Hence, a person can become fat without actually eating fat – through excess consumption of “simple carbohydrates”.

Fats: Contrary to the name fat, in reality fats are not bad, infact they are very important for the body without which are immune system will totally break down and the brain would be non-functional (60% of brain is made of fat). In fats, there are two kinds – the good fats called as “essential fatty acids” (EFA) and the bad fats which result it making us fat. Kindly note, to actually loose weight we require to eat the “essential fatty acids” without which the liver cannot attain the state of “ketosis – the fat burning stage”. There are two kinds in which fats are found in food – saturated and non-saturated fats. Saturated fats are generally in solid form at room temperature like animal fats from red meat (lamb, beef, pork) and milk & milk products. Unsaturated fats are generally liquid at room temperature like oil etc. Unsaturated fats are further divided into mono unsaturated fat (MUFA), poly unsaturated fat (PUSA) and the trans fatty acids (this is the real ugly fat). In fat a carbon molecule is followed by hydrogen molecule which is called “saturated fat”. Then in some cases the hydrogen molecule is missing which is the non-saturated fat and depending on the number of missing hydrogen molecules it becomes either mono or poly unsaturated fat. The trans fatty acids are the worst kind of fat which is manufactured by mankind by a process called “hydrogenation” (Tip: when you buy anything from a super market like biscuits, cookies, cakes, doughnuts, chips, ready to eat meals or any other processed food item then just see for the words “trans fatty acids, “hydrogenated vegetable oil” in the ingredients and if they are present then just don’t ever touch those items). Avoid all forms of bad fat which include red meat (lamb, beef, pork), full fat milk products, deep fried items, hydrogenated vegetable oils, trans fatty acids. Eat primarily rice bran, canola, olive and groundnut oil which reduce LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol. The second choice for oil would be safflower and corn oil which reduce both HDL and LDL cholesterol. Avoid oils like sunflower oil. Limit the quantities of butter, ghee, cheese etc. Now, eat all the good essential fatty acids which are mainly classified into “Omega 3 EFA” (alpha linolic acid) and “Omega 6 EFA” (linolic acid). Basically, the Omega 3 have anti-inflammatory benefits and help prevent heart disease, whereas Omega 6 lower blood cholesterol and support the skin. The ratio of omega 3 and 6 has to be 1:1 but today because of our food habits the ratio has become 20:1 in favor of Omega 6 which increases the risk of heart attacks, stroke, diabetes etc. For Omega 3 EFA, the best source is fish, egg yolk, walnut, dark green leafy vegetables, mustard and flaxseed. For Omega 6, the best source is peanut, egg yolk seeds and grains. (Kindly note egg yolk is the only food item which contains both omega 3 and 6 EFA and if any dietician tells you to not eat it – just ignore them because it is a rich source of protein, riboflavin, vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, phosphorus, thiamin and selenium although it has also has cholesterol – normal grown up person can eat 2 egg yolks per day). Kindly note, If one does not to eat enough EFAs, there is a greater risk of hardening of the arteries, abnormal blood clot formation, coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. EFAs are polyunsaturated fat so your body utilizes them as building materials for cell membranes throughout the body. Without them, the body has to use other harder fats such as saturated fat, which produces harder arteries and many other heart problems. EFAs also produce prostaglandins, which are similar to hormone elements required for energy metabolism, cardiovascular and immune system health.

Certain myths on dieting
1)     No carbohydrates and only proteins: Surely carbohydrates (with high GI like sugar, rice, potatoes) result in us becoming fat and hence some dietician will advice to eat only protein and no carbohydrates. Don’t do that mistake. Carbohydrates is required as a fuel for the body – just imagine can a car run without petrol – no and the same way our body cannot function without carbohydrates. If you don’t eat carbohydrates then yes initially you will loose weight very fast because the liver will break down the glycogen (stored fat or energy) to glucose and use it for the day-to-day activities. However after some time, it will attack your lean muscles and break it down as fuel. So you will loose your good lean muscles (strength, immunity) just as fuel. You will become thin but instead of looking like a super star you will look like a TB patient. Infact, once the lean muscles are broken down the cholesterol levels will increase and the LDL (low density lipo-protein or bad cholesterol) will go up while the HDL (high density lipo-protein or good cholesterol) will come down and hence inspite of loosing weight you will increase your risks of heart attack, stroke, diabetes etc. Also, for the synthesis of proteins into muscles and to let it do the muscle and tissue building process, carbohydrates are required without which protein cannot be used for its intended purpose.

2)     Little protein: Now, low protein has its own dis-advantages. For example, somebody will suggest to eat fruits full day and couple of wheat chapattis which is very dangerous. Contrary to popular perception, a fruit is not a best food item – it is good because of its natural antioxidant properties (will clean your liver) and high fibre (certain fruits like apples, pear, papaya) which prevent over eating and less intake of bad fats resulting in weight loss. However, fruit is very high is fructose (a natural sugar with high GI index) and hence high fruit diet will reduce weight but at the same time increase risk of lean muscle loss. So, only carbohydrates, that also from limited food items, will not help.

3)     Little or no fat: This is again a dangerous proposition because dietary good fat with “essential fatty acids” is very important for our body, immune system, brain functioning etc. So if you don’t eat the correct fats you will not reduce because the liver will never attain the stage of ketosis i.e. the fat burning stage. Yes, you have to stop the bad fats i.e. animal fats found in red meat, trans fatty acids and deep fried food items.

So the key is to eat all good foods in the right quantity and variety so as to get all the macro nutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats) and also the micro nutrients (calcium, vitamins, minerals, iron). I am not writing on micro nutrients because the note will become very long however most of the fruits, vegetables and fish contain most of the micro nutrients required by the body. Here, I will give one more example of complete diet and not just one kind of nutrient. Take the example of hemoglobin. Somebody will feel that eating green leafy vegetables will give him / her hemoglobin but that person forgets that hemoglobin means haem (iron) and globin (protein). And hence, if a person only eats iron he / she will not get hemoglobin without proper and complete intake of protein. Most of the food items work in combination and hence everything is required in right composition and balance to have a complete nutritious diet.

Last but not the least and very important is water – 66% of our body is made up of water. People have water only when they are thirsty which is very wrong. You should have that much water throughout the day which will result in plain white urine otherwise it puts unnecessary pressure on the kidneys. Water is also important in transportation of the various food items within the digestive system and hence to absorb all the nutrients from the food – water is required.

Now the actual diet: Remember the objective is to reduce fat and increase lean muscle. The diet differs from person to person depending on the “Body mass Index” of a particular person. It also depends on the “Basal metabolic rate” (the minimum calories required at zero activity level), the actual activity level of an individual, fat component (ideal should be between 17% to 25%) and the lean muscles. A general maintenance diet (neither increase nor decrease) is as follows:

6.00 am (or when a person wakes up – add time according to your wake up time)
2 glass of lukewarm water (will help cleanse the digestive system)
6.10 am : Coriander + Mint + Lemon juice (will help cleanse the liver)
6.15 am: 1 fruit (apple, pear, papaya or any other fruit with high fibre – will supply glucose to the body which has been depleted over the 6 to 8 hours of sleep i.e. non eating period)

Around 30 to 60 minutes exercise (cardio plus some resistance training- either can do now or if time does not permit than any time during the day)

8.30 am: 2 wheat chapatti / brown bread and 2 eggs / cereal / oats / sprouts
Can have 1 cup tea / coffee (no sugar) although remember that tea / coffee is “alien” to   the body

10.30 am: 1 cup cow’s low fat milk / curd or Soy Milk (For protein & fat)

12.30 pm: Lunch: 2 to 3 wheat chapattis / some veg/ salad without any mayonnaise or toppings only items like cucumber, tomato etc

3.00 pm: Handful of peanuts (although its fat but its “Omega 6 EFA” along with lots of other      nutrients like protein and rare vitamin B9 – Folic Acid)

5.00 pm: Roasted chana and walnuts (Chana will give primarily protein and walnut “Omega 3 EFA)

7.00 or 8.00 pm: Dinner: 2 to 3 wheat chapatti with some vegetables along with dal or chana or beans (for 3 days)
             2 to 3 wheat chapatti with fish (for 2 days) (for veg continue with dal, chana etc)
            2 to 3 wheat chapatti with chicken (for 2 days) (for veg continue with dal, chana etc)

Note: Rice may be had maximum 2 times per week on any days in limited quantity.

Loosing weight (fat): If somebody wants to do weight loss (fat and not muscle) then remove the rice from it, maximum 4 wheat chapattis per day (remove the 2 night chapattis from the dinner), chicken and fish (1 meal each per week), dal or chana or beans (2 meals total per week) and around 45 minutes cardio like “brisk walk” i.e. around 6 to 7 kmps speed everyday and you will reduce on average 1 kilo per week (half kilo because of food and half kilo because of cardio which will might increase your “basal metabolic rate” but will help in inducing ketosis).

Further tips:
Ø  Eat “small meals” every 2 to 3 hours which will result in maximum conversion of food to energy and proper supply of glucose to the brain – if you don’t eat for long hours like 5 to 7 hours between meals (kindly note tea / coffee is not a meal and don’t count that) than the body will get “insecure” and hence convert the food to fat and store it for future use in case you don’t give it food for long hours. However, if you give it constant food in small quantities every 2 to 3 hours then the body will convert it into fuel and use it rather than converting it into fat because now it does not feel insecure about its future nutrient requirements.
Ø  No red meat like lamb, beef, pork (if you cant do without it than maximum once a month and that also the leanest cut like the leg piece stripped off all the fats).
Ø  No butter, limited ghee or cheese etc.
Ø  No mithai, cakes, pastries, doughnuts, chocolates, biscuits, cookies (remember biscuits & cookies are bad compared to popular belief of they being healthy) -if you have to eat any of these items than just once a week and preferable time early morning or after strenuous exercise because these are the only two times in a day when the body is short of glucose and there are chances that it might convert these high GI food items into energy rather than triglycerides – bad fat).
Ø  Never eat mithai or pastries etc as “dessert” because the body is full with glucose at that point of time and every likelihood that it will directly convert the sweets into fat (triglycerides). Eat sweets when blood glucose level is at its lowest i.e. early morning or after heavy strenuous exercise because at that point of time there is every likelihood chance that the body will convert sweet (sucrose, lactose, fructose) into glucose and burn it as fuel rather than converting it to fat. 
Ø  No alcohol because the body does not recognize it since it is “foreign substance” for the body and so whenever we drink it the digestive system almost shuts down all its normal activities and tries to get rid of alcohol which besides the high calories and zero nutrients in itself also results in the normal food getting converted directly to fat because the body is busy getting rid of the alcohol and has no time to digest the normal food (if you have to take alcohol then no more than once in 15 days and remember to have it with some good food, not empty stomach and no deep fried item with it).
Ø  No mutton (red meat) biryani because it’s a bad saturated fat (red meat) along with high GI item (rice) and hence “double bad combination”.   
Ø  As mentioned earlier, fruits have fructose which is a “simple carbohydrate” and hence a high GI index. However, they have natural antioxidants and some fruits are rich in fibre. The best time to eat a fruit is early in the morning or after strenuous exercise because the body requires glucose at both those times and it will get it in a natural form of fructose from fruits. If you want to reduce weight than don’t eat high calorie fruits like banana, mangoes, sitaphal, chicko and jackfruit.
Ø  Soya is a veg item with the highest percentage protein in it. However, nobody should depend only on soya for the body’s protein requirements because soya has high amount of “estrogen” (the female cells) and hence it increases the ratio of female cells in the body compared to male cells. One soya meal per day is fine.    
Ø  Always remember to see nutrients and not just calories. For example, take the case of paneer and pizza. Both, are high in calories. However, paneer will have proteins, carbohydrates and “not bad” fats and hence it has lots of nutrients. On the other hand, pizza will have only calories and almost zero nutrients. Hence, in the case of paneer, the person is getting high “nutrient per calorie” while its almost negligible for pizza. So, a person can have paneer (provided other food items are properly balanced) but should avoid pizza.
Ø  Be careful of food items which say “low fat” because they may be low in fat but high in “simple carbohydrates”. For example, “sweet curd” where the label might say low fat but remember the high simple carbohydrate in it because of sugar (sucrose).

These were my simple understanding about the human digestive system and nutrition requirements of our body. I hope its of any use to the readers.


I write on investments and hence readers will look for advice on finance, money and investments form me. However, we can achieve true success in the field of investments or for that matter any other field, only if we are a complete human being. There has to be a proper balance between the mind, body and spirit for us to succeed in any field- whether investments or something else in life. Taking the time to master your mind, to care for the body and to nourish your soul will put you in a position to develop more richness and vitality in your life. We don’t have to be slave to our mind but our mind has to be slave to us – no man is free who is not a master of himself. I may look foolish writing it but I never mind looking foolish because I always strive in my life to do what my conscious tells and guides me to do.

We are so busy in our daily life striving to achieve success in our filed of work that we have probably forgotten who we are, what we are, from where have we come and finally where we have to go once our Earthly journey is over. This Earth is nothing but a transitory place- a school- where all souls come for testing, training and paying off there karma (more on karma later on). Once our time is over, we go back to our real home i.e. the spirit world. I have been studying about after life and spirit world from my college days. Now, for the benefit of everybody I explain some terms related to after life and the spirit world in a short and simple manner - somebody may agree with it or dismiss it- their choice but their subconscious mind knows what is the truth and one day everybody has to live Earth and go back to the spirit world.

Where are we: We are in the third Universe which, amongst others, contains the Earth and Spirit World.
Spirit World: This is our real home. We all have come from there and after death (due date) will go back over there.
Who are we: Everybody on Earth thinks we are humans but actually we are “spirit” in a physical body on Earth. If we don’t believe this than just imagine from where does a human child come on Earth, why we live for certain number of years over here and than die – science may have reasons for birth and death but why the cycle of birth and death happens – can anyone explain.
What is Spirit: A Spirit is a soul along with the subconscious mind.
What is Human Being: It is a soul, subconscious mind, physical body and physical mind. The physical mind and body stay here on Earth and get destroyed after death while the spirit (soul and subconscious mind) is eternal and never dies and once the physical body dies on Earth it returns back to its real home in the Spirit World.
Should we fear death: No good soul should fear death because once a person dies on Earth he / she goes back to his / her real home in the Spirit world which is very beautiful and unimaginable for anybody on Earth. But yes, all bad and evil souls should fear death because once the physical body dies, they will have to go to hell which is a worse place.
Heaven & Hell: There are 7 realms or planes in the spirit world. The realms 1,2 and 3 are hell while the realms 5, 6 and 7 are heaven. The realm 4 is kind of an in-between realm- something similar to Earth. All souls begin their spiritual journey on Ream 4, stage 5 from where they have option of rising higher by following the Godly good path or falling down by following the evil path.
More about the Realms: The Realms 1, 2 and 3 are very bad. Realm 1 is the darkest with no light with crawling creatures – human souls with disfigured bodies and horrible minds. This is the worst place with the most evil souls. Realm 2 is also always dark with rocky caves but slightly better that Realm 1. Now, we come to Realm 3 which is better but still there is no light. The spirit bodies look human but are very old looking and imperfect. Realm 4 is an in-between place like Earth. There is both night and day. Realm 5 is the beginning of heaven which is like a beautiful place on Earth. Realm 6 is very beautiful place which is not seen anywhere on Earth. Its always bright and sunny. The souls over here are very light and almost perfect. Realm 7 is the highest and the best with beauty which we cannot imagine. The souls over here are brightest, most perfect with young looking spirit bodies. All souls have the goal to reach Realm 7, Stage 9.
God’s helpers and our angels: Each Realm is headed by a high good soul called “His High Good Soul”. The Head of Realm 7 is called “His Highest Good Soul” and he is also the head / ruler of all the Realms – basically he is the head of the Third Universe. They are basically high souls form a higher Universe who have come to the third Universe to help God. Actually speaking, God may not come or may not necessarily have the time to come to help all the souls individually and therefore he has these high good souls who help souls, whether on Earth or in the Spirit World. Also good souls, generally from Realm 5, 6 and 7 have specific duties of helping either souls in lower Realms or Earth souls.  
Why reincarnate on Earth: It’s a very long process for souls to progress in the “spirit world” because everything is known to them and besides on the higher realms everything is good where a soul cannot simply sin – the subconscious mind will not permit while on the lower realms the negativity is so high and intense that its very difficult to do good work. Further, many of the souls on the lower realms have done so much sin that it will take them centuries and centuries to pay back the “karmic debt” which they have accumulated while they can do so on Earth in a few years. Every soul has generally taken birth between 100 to 2000 times on Earth.
Beast of Burden: Most of the souls like us might have sometime visited Realms 2 to 6. Once in Realm 7, souls generally don’t take the risk of taking rebirth on Earth because even if they sin a little then there soul can fall to Realm 6 or 5. Now, Realm 1 is so bad that hardly any soul can move out of that. For centuries they remain in Realm 1. However, whenever they want to improve then the faster way out is to take birth as “Beast of Burden” on Earth and suffer for some years with full knowledge of its past.
Purpose of Birth: The purpose of birth of every soul on Earth is for his / her own spiritual progress, selfless help to other souls and completing his / her mission on Earth. The first two are common with all souls while the third will differ with every soul. Have we ever taught that why someone is good at singing, some other at cricket, and then others in qualities like painting, writing, gardening, cooking, leadership etc. Its because our souls have acquired those skills over many reincarnations on Earth and it’s the mission of the soul to fulfill that work. For example, I say with full humility that I am good at writing, anybody can give me any topic, I will read and study it and then can write pages and volumes on it in my own style – this is because my soul must have acquired this quality over many reincarnations and these good qualities are the blessings from God for whatever good work we have done in our past reincarnations. Every soul on Earth will have some unique quality in him / her which has to be recognized and then used for common good. Stay focused on your lifework and on giving selfless service to others. The universe will take care of everything else. This is one of the truest laws of nature.  
Process of Birth: Whenever any soul decides to take birth on Earth, he has to take permission from the “High Good Soul” of his realm. Then the concerned soul, his high good soul and three other good souls of the same realm sit together and decide the souls journey on Earth. The Soul decides and selects the mother to whom he / she wants to born, under what conditions he / she wants to lead his / her life and what kind of tests he / she wants to take and also pay back his / her karmic debt. The soul can decide what tests he / she wants to take but not the actual situation how it will pan out since even God does not know that because of the “free will” of other souls. For example, how we select to become a lawyer or Doctor and do that course and hence we select the subject say law or medicine, but we don’t know which exact questions will be asked in the exam paper.
Death: The term death is called “due date” in the spirit world. The soul selects his / her own death (due date) before birth. And a soul selects 3 due dates – the first two are optional during which he / she may decide to go back to the spirit world while the third one is final. There are 3 due dates because every soul comes to Earth with the objective of improving and rising spiritually. But, suppose because of the negative vibrations on Earth the soul becomes bad and therefore risks going down further, then at the first or the second due date, the soul through its subconscious mind requests the High Good Soul of its Realm to call him / her back to the spirit world. That is one of the reasons why some people die young (the other reason is explained in the next point). Most souls will live till the third due date. Everyone of us has some accident and / or disease at different ages in our life but we survive it – note that it was one of our due dates when the soul decided not to go back to the spirit world.  
Why some people Die Young: One of the reasons for this is the concept of 1st and 2nd Due Dates explained above. The other one is as follows. The good Souls on Realms 6 and 7 hate to go to lower Realms and God has given them protection. When they take birth on Earth, the subconscious mind of a Realm 7 and 6 will work in such a way that it does not do those sins on Earth which will take it below Realm 5 and 4, respectively. If however, due to the negativity on Earth, the physical mind does not listen to the subconscious mind and it starts committing those sins which is taking it lower than the realms mentioned above, then it will appeal to God to call it back to its real home in the spirit world. That’s the reason why some people die young and we on earth say that “God calls early those people whom he loves the most”.
Child Death: Every child from the time in the mother’s womb till it starts speaking is connected with the “spirit world”. At any time if the child thinks he / she will not be able to progress on Earth then he / she has the option of returning back to the spirit world. Further, one soul can return back from the mother’s womb and some other soul can take its place. If no soul takes the place then the mother will give birth to a “dead child”. Also, children who are still not speaking and have died means that they have selected to return back to the spirit world. 
Group Soul: God had made souls in groups at the time of creation. I don’t know what number each group is but it might be somewhere close to 128. Some of these souls, life after life, take birth together on Earth to help each other on earth while some remain in the spirit world to help them from there. Many times when we meet some person and instantly like and become friendly with that person, its because that person might be our group soul. Mostly, parents, husband, wife, brother, sister, children and friends (even some of us working together in office) are of group souls. For example, somebody gave me the number of my wife who was in Devlali (near Nashik), I called her from Mumbai, had not seen or ever met her, talked with her for 1 hour and decided to marry her, probably because we might be of the same “group soul”.
Twin Soul: There can be many group souls but only 1 twin soul. When God created souls on Realm 4 Stage 5, he split each soul into two – one male and one female. Both these souls have to go through their separate journey and then meet on Realm 7 Stage 9 where they combine to form a “complete soul” from where they graduate to the next Universe. This was done by God to teach us coexistence. Hence, we all our one half of the complete soul. It can be that one twin soul will be good and at Realm 7 while other bad and at say Realm 2. In such a situation, the twin soul at the higher Realm 7 might have to wait for centuries for his / her other twin to reach that higher level.   
Spirit Guide: Before we take birth on earth, every soul selects a spirit guide. This guide will then help and guide the Earth soul throughout its life span. Hence, God has given us double protection – our subconscious mind and a spirit guide.
Subconscious Mind: This is our real mind – the mind of the soul. The physical mind is just with our physical body on Earth and dies with it. But, the subconscious mind is the mind of the soul and it stays with the soul till eternity. The subconscious mind will never allow us to do anything wrong. We all might have noted this sometime in our life when we try to do anything wrong like say hurt somebody, take revenge, fool somebody, rob, bribe etc some voice from inside always warns us not to do it – that is our subconscious mind. It always warns us before doing anything wrong. However, on earth the subconscious mind is active only 1% to 2% while the physical mind operates 100%. Therefore, it is so difficult for Earth souls to do good work in the current negative environment – but that is the test and training of the soul.
Dormant subconscious mind: Every time when we go to commit some sin like tell lies or hurt someone or some monetary fraud etc some voice from within (subconscious mind) will always tell us not do it as it is wrong. If we don’t listen to it then it will be forced to keep quiet. If we continuously don’t listen to it and do larger and bigger sins then a stage will come wherein it will become dormant and sleep on Earth. This is a very dangerous situation because then there will be no inner voice to stop us from doing anything wrong which will allow the person to do whatever crimes on earth and consequently book his / her place in hell.
When we sleep at night: You’ll will be totally flabbergasted by what I write now. When we have “deep and dreamless” sleep at night, the soul guided by the subconscious mind rises from our physical body and goes to somewhere between Earth and the spiritual world and meets our dear ones – they can be departed ones from our current lives or previous lives whom we don’t know in our current life. Our dear ones console and heal our soul. Sometimes when we wake up in the morning and feel very relaxed with a good night sleep, be rest assured your soul must have visited your loved ones that night.
Silver cord: The soul is connected to our physical body via several rays of light called “silver cord”. When a person dies, the silver cold is severed. In the night when our soul travels high to meet our loved ones, the soul is connected to the body via the silver cord (and hence although the soul is out of our body but we don’t die at that point of time). This is something with which most of you’ll will be able to relate - suppose when in deep sleep and suddenly somebody wakes you up, we might have noticed that we wake up with a thud in our chest, and for 5 to 10 seconds don’t know where we are or what is happening – this is because our soul guided by the subconscious mind has just quickly entered back inside our physical body.
Psychic Powers: Certain people on Earth have psychic powers wherein they can talk with the souls of human beings and also with spirits. They have other powers like clairvoyance, clairaudience etc. These souls (persons) are gifted by God and come from higher realms (5 to 7) to help other people on Earth.
Prophet: All the Gods which we believe on Earth are actually high good souls from a higher Universe who were sent by God down to Earth when the negativity on Earth had increased a lot to teach the people of Earth the Godly good ways.
Ghost: There are ghosts. Having said that, a good soul need not fear them. We all have three forms – physical form, astral soul and spirit soul. When we die on Earth then from the physical form will get converted to the astral soul which looks similar to our physical body at the time of the person’s death but is much lighter than the physical body. The Astral soul has to then convert itself to spirit soul and go to the spirit world. Earth is lowest, then is the astral plane and above that is the spirit world starting from Realm 1. However, some souls don’t convert from astral to spirit because they are very attached to Earth or to some loved one on Earth, had some vices like drugs, liquor, cigarettes etc and want to attach to some earth soul with similar vices or some evil soul knows that he / she will go to a low realm in hell and wants to avoid going there etc. However, kindly note that no evil astral soul can harm any good Earth soul – they only attach to negative Earth souls – negativity attracts negativity. And by not converting to spirit from astral they are further going down to hell and adding on to their karma.    
Suicide: This is one of the worst things which a person can do as it will give temporary relief from the physical body but permanently damage the soul. By doing suicide the person is rejecting the physical body which he / she had selected and the situations which he / she had selected by his / her own “free will” before taking birth on Earth. It takes the soul one full Realm down.
Free Will: God has given every soul “free will” i.e. it is upto it to either do good or bad. There is no force on any soul. If a soul takes an evil route then it is allowed to take it. However, every soul has to pay back his / her “karmic debt”. 
Karma: This is the positive credit or the negative debt which a soul has cumulated through its good or bad deeds. Every soul has to pay back its negative karmic debt. The soul is also rewarded for its positive karma in the form of special qualities (like how some are good singers, actors, speakers, writers, leaders, cooks etc).
Lessons for Earth Souls: Sometimes when an Earth soul strays down the wrong path then his / her own subconscious mind (without his / her conscious knowledge) will request God Almighty to put him back the right path. Many times on Earth we see that a person has strayed away from good path and suddenly he / she gets say a heart attack or meets a fatal accident but survives these incidents and after that they suddenly change from bad to good –in those cases these kind of diseases or accidents are actually at the instance of that same persons subconscious mind (without his / her conscious knowledge) to bring him / her back on the Godly good path.
Qualities which put the soul down: The worst evil qualities are like murder, rape, torture, suicide etc and after that the other very bad qualities which pull most of the normal souls down are qualities like ego, pride, jealousy, hatred and the worst amongst the second lot would be revenge. 
Help always available: Be rest assured that a soul whether on Realm 1 or on Earth or anywhere, if there is a genuine call for help then it will receive instant help on the instructions of the “His Highest / High Good Soul” from one or more spirit souls. His Highest / High Good Souls can anytime come down to Earth in any form to help a genuine Earth soul. Good souls from heaven (Realm 5 to 7) help earth souls from the spirit world although sometimes they (from Realm 6 Stage 7 and above) are allowed to come down to Earth, after taking permission from their His High Good Soul, to help earth Souls. However, kindly note that if a person is repaying his / her “karmic debt” then the spirit souls will not be able to help take away that persons problems because he / she has to repay for his / her sins, however they will certainly heal and give courage to pass through those difficult times.

The article has become long and hence ending it here but pages can be written on Spirituality and the Spirit World. Either somebody may believe it or think that I am crazy. Whatever, it is that person’s thinking – its “free will”, but every individual’s subconscious mind knows what the truth is and one day everybody has to die on Earth and go back to its real home in the Spirit World, so as you accumulate wealth on earth also with immediate priority start accumulating good “karmic deeds” because nobody knows when our “due date” might be.  


  1. wow great Article, only a person inclined to Spirituality would be able to write such a great article . As my self really interested in spirituality and Giving something to others.

    Sunil Swarup

  2. Find interesting but difficult to believe. As the creator's role is typical to understand hence need to believe on what good people disclose.