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My latest book is a sweeping tale of mystery and adventure, with deep revelations on the nature of man and money. Tired of his energy-and money-draining middle-class life, Dr. John Pinto decides to end it all by walking into oncoming traffic. But Life has other plans from him! Through a quirky twist of fate, John finds himself saved and launched into a financial pilgrimage across the world. Through a whirligig of exotic, shocking and sometimes dangerous encounters, he learns what it means to be financially independent.

The school of Life introduces him to people who have learned the 10 commandments of financial freedom the hard way. From Afghani terrorists to Kenyan marathon runners, from Bangkok prostitutes to Chinese mystics and many more. Each soul on this incredible journey holds a key insight into the relationship between man and money. To achieve true freedom, he will have to face it all-a turbulent odyssey of hair-raising adventure, unexpected teachers, monetary rewards and an overarching mission.

Ten Commandments for Achieving Financial Independence

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Money – Problem or Solution
What do you think – is money a problem or solution? If you don’t have the answer of it then read on. If you believe that “money is the problem” or “money is the solution” then I am afraid that you are a “prisoner of money”. Have you ever imagined of setting yourself on the incredible journey of your freedom from your current position as a “prisoner of money” to the attainment of “financial independence”. If not, then you urgently need to. Before that, I would like to clear one misconception which might have taken roots deep inside your mind – that money will solve your problems. I regret to state that money cannot and will never be able to solve your problems. It is not money which is a problem – it is lack of knowledge about money and its functioning which is your real problem. If you are poor and think that getting too much money suddenly like winning a lottery is going to solve your problem – then you are grossly mistaken. Infact that will put you into deeper problem if you don’t have knowledge about money. You will be chased by all kind of legal and other financial predators, without the knowledge about protecting, budgeting, asset allocation, saving vis-à-vis investing, positive leverage, financial insurance etc it is very high likelihood that you may not only loose all the wealth but even end up in debt – broken mentally, financially and emotionally. Therefore, both lack of and too much money can be a problem if not backed by knowledge about money. You require a book which will teach you on how to earn money from the most efficient source and then how to “handle the problem of too much money” - protecting, budgeting, saving, spending, leveraging, investing and insuring, explaining the different money mistakes which you might be susceptible to make and clearing all your doubts and misconceptions about money and wealth. My upcoming book titled “Ten Commandments for Achieving Financial Independence” is just that.  

Just ponder, if you believe that money is your problem then how can it be the solution? Does it happen anywhere that the problem itself becomes the solution? If hunger is the problem then food is the solution. If illiteracy is the problem then education is the solution. If loneliness is the problem than a good friend is the solution. If unemployment is the problem then job becomes the solution. Therefore, the problem itself cannot be the solution. Hence, if money is your problem then money itself can’t be the solution. And by money being your problem, I mean it can be both ways – excess or lack of money. Yes, contrary to what most people think – its not only lack of money but also excess of money which can be a problem.

The Problem of Excess Money
Since, everybody knows or atleast think that they know the problem of scarcity of money, let me first touch upon the problem of excess money. If you have excess money than you possibly know how to spend in your entire lifespan and are still crazy after money, then obviously you are a very unhappy person living an extremely poor life with only money. I am not covering those folks over here. By excess money in this section, I mean those people who have money but don’t know what to do with the money, how to take care of it, how to spend, budget, protect from the financial predators, invest, grow or insure it. They have money but not the knowledge about money which can be a very dangerous situation. They are those people who have got money through inheritance, lottery ticket or gambling, some sports personality or movie star or some similar kind of fashion – fast and surplus money without gaining any knowledge on money. And what is finally money – its nothing but just paper currency, and if you don’t know how to bear the current of it then either it will burn you or burn itself. And remember money never comes alone, it brings with it all kinds of financial predators and “money vultures” like Government, taxman, those friends which were never your friends when you were poor, foes which have now become friends, relatives whom you meet first time in your life, all kind of financial advisors like stock brokers, real estate agents, bond dealers etc. Unless you know how to protect, budget, save, spend, leverage, invest and insure your money – it will be very difficult for you to take care of your money. In addition to it there is good likelihood that you may not only loose your money but even get into “negative leverage” and end up in bad debt. So remember, that money is nothing but paper currency – similar to electric current – how electricity keeps flowing from one circuit to another, the same way money keeps flowing from one person to another unless you know how to use its potential to light your house bright. 

The Problem of Scarcity of Money
Now, let us address the problem of those folks who have less money. Their problem is certainly not less money but the belief that they have less money and the confidence that will always have less money. What is money – in today’s modern world – is it some precious metal like Gold whose supply is limited or real estate which cannot be expanded beyond this world or a perishable item like fruits or vegetable which cant be stored beyond few hours or days. No. Money is neither perishable nor is it supply limited nor is it the slave of any particularly individual. It is open and available to anybody. Money is simply an idea, a thought whose time has come. That’s all. If you have an idea, a thought then no one can stop you from becoming rich – there are lots of rich people out there waiting to invest in some kind of profitable venture. Positive leverage is easily available in today’s modern banking system. The point I want to make here is that money is not the problem – the lack of knowledge about money is the problem. If you know how to protect, budget, save, spend, leverage, invest and insure your money then nobody can stop you from becoming rich. And the most pertinent thing is that you will not only become rich but stay wealthy throughout. Remember, that in any field whether business, sports, movies etc, its easy to reach number 1 but very difficult to stay on number 1 position. Financial knowledge about money and its working is the only answer to not only becoming rich but staying wealthy for generations.

The Solution to the Money Problem
Therefore, money cannot be the solution to any of your problems, its only financial knowledge on how you deal with money at the time of earning, protecting, budgeting, saving, spending, leveraging, investing and insuring that can be the solution.

Rules of Money
Always remember a very important rule of money– don’t work for money; let your money work for you. Accept one fact that nobody can really become rich and stay wealthy by just working for money. If you keep working for money throughout your life than in simple terms you would just be doing that throughout your life i.e. keep working for money. And if you keep working for something then how would you finally be above that thing. Puzzled? Suppose, if you are a salaried employee working for your company – whom do you make rich – yourself or your company? Ofcourse your company, your just get a salary, that’s all. Still don’t understand it. See the overall total aggregate salaries of all the workers in a typical company as a percentage of its profits – it will be less than 10%. What does it mean – you get less than 10% while your company owner gets the remaining 90%. And the irony of the fact is that you are working for money (salary) while his / her money is working for himself / herself (through investments assets in the business). Therefore, you can only expect to remain poor and get poorer if you keep working for money throughout your life. Never accept a job for the salary, you might actually finish poorer at the end of it. And don’t forget one thing, if you are working for money than from January to April i.e. 4 out of 12 months you are working for the Government by paying almost one-third of your gross salary to Government in taxes. Hence, protect yourself from the different legal financial predators by playing the money game in your favor. To encapsulate, be smart with your money by making it work for you and not vice versa.

Print your Own Money – It’s the only thing available in Abundance in this World
That brings me to another point that you can actually and legally “print your own money from nothing– its available in abundance”. Now, you will start thinking that how the hell can I print my own money – this is only the prerogative of the Government. No, it’s certainly not. As the Government changed the rules when the US came off the Gold standard in 1971 and gave it the power to legally print money, so did it give you also the power. Contrary to what people expect, money is one of the things which is available in abundance in this world. This is because it can and is being printed at will by the Governments and Central Banks across the world. You tell the US Government to print a trillion US Dollars, they will be able to do it with the speed of light by running their money printing machines overtime. However, you tell the same US Government to give you a trillion dollars extra worth of gold or steel or copper or sugar or any other real commodity, they will not be able to give you because that is not in their control. Therefore, no Government or Central Bank can provide you with “real wealth” but abundance and unlimited paper wealth. And if they can do that, so can you. This is simply because by changing the rules of money and making paper currency free, abundant and ever depreciating, the Government has in effect given you also a free license to print your own money. It’s only that you should know how to print your own money. What is money? It is nothing but ideas, thought, a creation of your own mind. If you have an open mind and are always ready to learn, ideas will keep floating to you. On the other hand, if you think that money is scarce and you have to full life keep toiling and working hard for money then you will keep doing that throughout your life. I cannot teach you how to print money because you yourself have to know your own genius and use it in printing money. I can give you certain illustrations. For example, I am writing this book. I have to work hard once, spent time once and get the book ready. Once its ready then I can give right to as many publishers in as many counties in as many languages to publish and sell my book – if the book keeps selling in many counties, under different languages from various publishers for long number of years, I am in effect printing my own money for life. Writing book is my unique quality and gift and so am I doing it - the same way you identify your unique gift, talent and you can do it too.

Ten Commandments for Achieving Financial Independence

In the book you will be introduced, acquainted, explained and taught the Ten Commandments for achieving financial independence. You will be told on how to deal with money at different levels including at the time of earning, protecting, budgeting, saving, spending, leveraging, investing and insuring. You will also learn the “rules of money”. You will be trained on how to earn your income from the most efficient source, protecting it from the legal financial predators, budgeting for yourself, saving it pending proper asset allocation, also saving it at the time of spending, unleashing the power of positive leverage and then investing with proper asset allocation and taking proper financial insurance. After understanding, learning and then accepting these financial and money principles, your knowledge and skills of dealing with money would jump multi-fold.

Why purchase the Book?
This is the first and most important question you should ask yourself- why should you purchase the book. Why should you “spend” money after a book which is trying to teach you on money. The answer to this is very simple. You purchase this book because you acknowledged the fact that money is not the solution of your problems. You purchase the book because you appreciate the fact that just by earning more money your financial problems are not going to be solved automatically You purchase this book because you are in constant battle with your finances and you actually want to win this game against money. You purchase this book because you wanted to learn about money and its behavior in entirety including at the time of earning, protecting, budgeting, saving, spending, leveraging, investing and insuring. You purchase this book not only because you wanted more money but you were eager to know the best source of earning income, how to protect it from the financial predators, how to pay yourself via budget surplus, acknowledging that saving is not investing and learning to save pending asset allocation, learning how to spend to earn and saving out of spending, recognizing the difference between good and bad debt and to know how to unleash the power of positive leverage, know how to invest for proper asset allocation and the importance of financial insurance. You purchase this book because you wanted to know about money as you were never knowing before. You purchase this book because you wanted to permanently solve your money problems by achieving financial independence.

Why read the Book?
This is the most important question you must ask yourself when you lay your hands on any book. And if by any chance you lay hands on my book, then you should be asking this most pertinent question – why read this book. After all there are so many books written and available on self help, investments, finance, business and money. Is there really a need for a new book on the subject of money? Then what is so unique about this book. Why should you spend your precious time, money and energy after this book? What purpose is it going to serve by reading this book? If all these questions are disturbing you and if they are not than they should, then kindly read on.

This book is not a textbook kind of book on finance, investments or money. This book many a times uses the textbook words but defines them totally differently. The meaning and context in which the words are used in my book will most probably not be found anywhere. The book challenges the conventional wisdom and thinking about money. Although, this book deals with finance, accounting, investments, behavior finance, socio economics, taxation, corporate laws and such other complex subjects, but the words and phrases used herein are totally different from any other typical textbook on that subject. More importantly, for reading this book, no prior knowledge of any of the subjects mentioned above or anything else is required – the only prerequisite is the ability to read in the language in which it is written plus a burning desire within you to solve your money problems and elevate yourself on the incredible journey of achieving financial independence. This is the only qualification required for reading this book. It is a book which, in my humble belief, will be equally useful, to a seasoned professional investor or a naïve lay investor. I assure you that this will be a refreshing new book on the age old subject of money. After reading this book, it is my sincere dream, hope and belief that you will view money from a totally different plateau.  

Purpose of the Book
This book will lead you on the correct financial path. It will open a totally new gateway in the way a person thinks about money and all the other things connected to money like protecting, budgeting, saving, spending, leveraging, investing, insuring etc. It will deal with the second and more important problem which is that once you earn money how to protect it from the legal financial predators, budget for yourself, save, preserve and take care of it, intelligently save while spending, distinguish between different money options and leverage, insure properly and invest in such a way that it grows to reach a stage where you stop working for money and the money starts working for you. It will answer your questions as to what is best for your and your family’s financial well being. It will break the myth that just by earning a lot of money someone can neither be rich nor stay wealthy for long.

My Qualification to write the Book
A moot question which should come to your mind is that am I qualified to write this book. My educational qualifications include being a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, CFA (Level I) but are these educational qualifications enough for me to write a book on imparting financial independence to the people. Certainly not. I have around 12 years of experience (as of April 2012) in investment banking, research and fund management, both on the buy and sell side. But, does this make me competent to write such a book. I don’t think so. Then what are the skills that are required to write a book on winning the battle against money and attaining financial independence. In my view, the only quality which is required to write such a book is the ability to understand money and its peculiar behaviors because there is nothing as strange in this world as money. No other thing can be compared to money in this world. It is the only thing which is available in abundance and can be increased at the “free will” of the Governments but is so scarce that poor people suffer their whole life for it and the middle class just become slaves of it. Therefore, the only qualification required to write this book is the understandability of the most peculiar thing in this world – money and a burning desire to impart financial education to the people at large. I humbly hope that I possess both these qualities. You, my reader, now decide whether my this assumption is correct or not.   

To summarize, my book will guide you to solve your problem of lack of knowledge about money and then take you on the unbelievable journey towards your financial independence. It will permanently free you from the problem of money. After reading this book you will realize that money is neither the problem nor the solution – the only problem is lack of knowledge about money and by equipping you will the full knowledge and functioning about money it will permanently solve your money problems by making you the master of your own money. I sincerely hope that my book will be the book which serves the above mentioned purpose and then only my mission of writing this book will be complete. I wish you all the very best on beginning your money journey and great luck for achieving financial independence. 

Buy Now and Free yourself from the shackles of money - Forever!
Buy Now and Free yourself from the shackles of money - Forever!


  1. NO school or college teaches you about money.after finishing your education bank will not ask you about your mark sheet,they want to see your balance sheet before giving you may be academic smart but in life to survive you need financial education ,most poor and middle class work hard frr money,but rich people donot work for money ,they send their money to work for them,rich focuses on buying income producing assets like passive income and portfolio income ,while poor and middle class buy liabilites ,instead of income producing assets,thats why poor become more poor as they are slaves of money ,while rich are masters of money,rich know the game of money and the rules of money ,money is the only thing which is in abundance unlimited amount in this world ,rich know that money is just an idea ,they can print theire on money they pay themselves first,and they make theire money to work harder for them.i highly recommend this book 10 commandments for financial freedom for every invester,first invest your time in yourself,increase your financial knowlege by reading this power pack,dynamic book written by mehrab irani,authers primary aim is to spread finacial education to common man in this fast changing information age,as rules of money are changed from old industrial age,you donot need a retirement plan in information age,as you will be financial free after reading this book from day one. DR ANIL GUPTA MD (NEW-YORK) CARDIOLOGIST.

  2. Thank you Dr Anil Gupta for your nice comments. My purpose and aim in writing my first book 10 Commandments for Financial freedom is to free humanity from the shackles of money. Although are world has advanced technologically but we are moving back towards slavery. I feel very pained when I see people become slaves wage salve of the employer, tax slave of the government and loan slave of the bank.

    My book 10 Commandments for Financial Freedom deals on all the aspects of money and finance including earning, protecting, budgeting, saving, spending, leveraging, investing, insuring etc with the ultimate aim of providing the common man with a full perspective on sustainable long term wealth creation. It is not a book on how to get rich quickly but on a systematic plan on how to protect, preserve and grow our wealth so that we don't just become rich but stay wealthy throughout and leave it for the next generations and / or able to do charity. It is a book which will talk about money, its intricacies and functioning in a manner never done before. It is a book which will be equally useful, to a seasoned professional investor or a naive lay investor.

    This book should also be useful to students because the problem with today's youth is that they earn a lot, spend more than they earn, buy liabilities with negative leverage believing it to be assets, get in a debt trap and then full life become a slave of money wage slave of the employer, tax slave of the Government and loan slave of the bank. I feel very pained when I see that and this was the prime reason which encouraged me on the journey to write a book for financial freedom.

    Money is the only thing which is available in abundant in the world today, it is available at the free will of the government and how fast their printing machines can function. You tell any government to give you unlimited amount of gold, silver, copper, steel, oil, sugar, wheat or any other real commodity, they will not be able to give you because Mother Earth has given those in limited quantity but you tell any government to give you paper money and they can give you that in unlimited quantity they just have to print it. We all human beings run after money little knowing that it is the only thing available in abundance in unlimited quantity. And if the government can print money, so can you do legally! That is what this book aims at to take you from financial slavery to financial freedom.

    Mehrab Irani

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